1900 California St., Denver, CO 80202

1900 California St.
Denver, CO 80202

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Holy Ghost Church

Holy Ghost Church
Weekend Masses & Church Functions

During these difficult times, people are in desperate need of help and hope. Together, with your support, the Church can continue to carry out the works of Jesus Christ, extend God’s love, and serve those most in need.

You can be a pillar of hope! Visit www.archden.org/givetoday or call 303.867.0614 to give to the Archbishop’s Catholic Appeal.

Location: 19th & Welton
Spaces: 2 - 20, 65 - 102, & 152 - 171 only.


Holy Ghost Church Catholic Church

Parking privileges end on:

Saturday - 8:00 PM
Sunday - 6:45 PM

Go to the KIOSK and:

  1. Touch any key on the key pad
  2. Enter license plate numbers/letters.  Press OK
  3. Kiosk will then ask you to choose time. Press#4 for Holy Ghost
  4. Screen Prompts Enter Code…
  5. Enter 1312 PRESS OK
  6. Kiosk prints out dashboard ticket

Put the ticket inside your car face up on the dashboard!

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    Special Events

For more information or to register for events, please contact the parish office: holyghostden@gmail.com or (303) 292-1556.

ALL SOULS DAY - November 2, 2020
A special All Souls Day Choral Mass will be held on Monday, November 2 at 7 PM. The Consecration to St. Joseph will follow this Mass.


Send an email to mail@flocknote.com to join and receive updates!

Mass & Confession Schedule

(UPDATED August 1)

- Saturdays: 8 AM, 4 PM Vigil

- Sundays: 7 AM, 8 AM,
9 AM, 10 AM (Latin),
11 AM, Noon, 4 PM,
5:10 PM

- Weekdays: 7 AM, 11:30 AM


- After the weekday 11:30 AM Mass (until all are heard) and Friday Noon - 3 PM
- Saturday and Sunday: Confessions at the start of Masses and only through the end of Mass, at which time the church needs to be completely emptied for cleaning.



- Monday through Friday 9 AM to 3 PM





Contact us to learn more and see how you can join our parish today.